Pastor Claire

Pastor Claire Brennecka

This church has been an important part of my life as I was baptized, confirmed, and married here. My husband, Dexter, and I have eight children, fifteen grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. One child and my husband are deceased. After graduating from the Synod of Lincoln Trails Certified Lay Pastor Training, I spent the next ten years filling pulpits and working with several different churches in our Presbytery. I have been serving the Harvard church since 2017 and I feel especially excited and honored to serve God in this church. I enjoy working with people of all ages from our young children to our senior members. I have made several Mission Trips to Kenya, East Africa where our church has established two partnerships over the last twenty-five years and have made many friends there. When I am not with the congregation, I enjoy reading, nature and playing with my grandchildren.

Peace and Grace,